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Psy Trance culture is today found all over the globe. originating off the beach's of Goa in India in the early 90's. This unique style of music, combines melodic harmonies and deep rythmic bass to make a fusion of spirituality and fun. This new form of music originally called Goa trance now has expanded into a huge variety of styles and sub-genres.

  • Full-on
    Originating in Isreal the late 90's, derived from a phrase widely used to describe particularly high-energy music ("That tune is really full-on!"). With Tempos ranging from 140 to 150 bpm. An example of Full-on , Psytrance would be 'Sesto sento' or 'Astrix'.
  • Psybient
    Or commonly known as 'Chillout' Psybient pieces are often structured around the concept of creating a "sonic voyage" or "musical journey".Psybient music is a fusion of Psytrance and Ambient music and uses shifting tempo's and much less focus on a bassline. A good example of Psybient music would be the artist 'Shpongle'
  • Dark Psy
    A darker, faster and more distorted form of psychedelic trance music, Originating in Russia and Germany, using 145 to 180 bpm but has been known to reach +220 Bpm. 'Psykovsky', 'Terranoise' and 'Cosmo' are examples of Dark trance.
  • Minimal/progressive
    Ranging from 125-140 BPM Progressive psy demonstrates a uplifting feel using lots of percussion and less intense bass, which has made a home for itself during the morning and daytime sets of many outdoor dance parties
  • There are many fantastic psy-trance orientated festivals world wide, but for many, it is hard to find out much information
    so i have compiled a list of some of the most notable festivals World wide: